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22.10.2020 13:12

Анна. Довольный собственник квартиры в районе Новый Кауцер Приобрела студию в Хургаде у компании  Egypt SeaStar, в районе Новый Каусер. Оплатила покупку удаленно банковским переводом из Якутии. Это


26.02.2020 16:31

Отзыв клиентки. Покупка квартиры в Хургаде. Район Интеркотиненталь Отзыв клиентки о продаже квартиры в Хургаде. Компания Egypt Sea Star - отзывы


11.07.2018 10:31

Thanks for help to find something nice as this Studio in Diamond and waiting for next one from this company thanks for this kind service. Nader. Egypt

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Information about process of buying property:

The process of buying an apartment, villa in Hurghada. Documents needed and accompanying the transaction, the purchase of real estate in Egypt.
Due to the fact that almost half of the city is engaged in the sale of real estate in Egypt, in particular Hurghada, and in connection with this, sometimes all kinds of annoying situations arise when foreigners buy real estate, we recommend that you contact only officially registered real estate companies in Hurghada.
So, buying an apartment, villa in Hurghada consists of two stages:
  • The list of documents and procedures related to PURCHASE APARTMENT, VILLA IN HURGADAThe page is under construction.
1. First of all, a contract of sale is drawn up. A visa is not needed for a buyer
The contract of sale is:
• a free-form document, any items that do not contradict the law may be introduced into it.
• compiled in any place convenient for the parties
• if one of the parties does not speak Arabic, it can be written in two languages. For example, Arabic-English, Arabic - Russian. Only the Arab part is valid. The part in another language is explanatory.
• The purchase and sale agreement indicates the fact of purchase and the amount of the transaction.
• We suggest to pay attention that the contract of sale must state that the seller undertakes to issue and submit all the documents necessary for the registration of property rights and their attendant
• The contract of sale is signed by both parties, both the seller and the buyer. The signature should look like this: I.F in Latin letters and a signature on each page.
2. The second stage after signing the contract is when the seller draws up Taukil (in more detail here) for the buyer. A visa is not needed. Moreover, the buyer may not even be in Egypt.
Taukil is:
• a document with a clearly established form and wording, which only changes from transaction to transaction data (issuing Taukil, recipient, real estate property) is entered. That is, if there were previous owners, then, as a chain, they are registered in each Taukil. At the request of the buyer, it is impossible to add something or remove anything there except as prescribed by the “letter of the law”
• drawn up in the state notary office of Sharaa Akari.
• • all text in Arabic only
• denotes the transfer of rights to real estate, with the right to full disposal and the right to sell "to both yourself and third parties." The basis of the transfer is not indicated, as is the transaction amount, respectively.
• only the proxy of trusted person, the presence of the recipient is not necessary.
• does not require any additional registration
• It is also important and can be additionally prescribed that this document does not lose force in the event of the seller's death. In the main form of the document, this is not, but you can register
3. If there is a meter in the purchased real estate, the owner must re-register it in the name of the new owner, or give Taukil for renewal of the electricity meter (Tanazul). As a result, the new property owner can, without the presence of the seller, re-register it in his name.
4. Also, if other Taukili from the previous owners are present in the package of documents, then with full payment the Seller must transfer the entire package of documents. That is, must give all the original documents available on this property. Sometimes, if there are many previous Taukilas, then they are not present in the original, but their certified numbers and names should still be spelled out in the last Taukil. So that later on these numbers you can pick up a certified copy.
5. And the last step is to check the seller’s previous debts for electricity and water.
The following is a list of documents and procedures related to the PROPERTY OF DOCUMENTS without the presence of the Seller. It is issued personally and at the request of the Buyer (At this stage, a valid visa is required)
- registration in your name of the electric meter in the electric company.
- registration of the contract of sale in the court SAHIH TAUKIA. You need to make a power of attorney for a lawyer, for the provision of legal services. The contract of sale must be legal registration in court so that its authenticity is not in doubt. It is important to know that the registration of a contract of sale in a court of SAHIH TAUKIA is not a registration of a property certificate. The essence of the lawsuit is confirmation by the seller of the fact of sale and his own signature.The court does not verify the rights of the defendant to the actions specified in the contract. The court does not decide who owns the apartment or villa, but confirms that the defendant, i.e. the seller, has signed a purchase and sale agreement
- registration of GREEN CONTRACT in Shari Akakri
- if for some reason registration of a green contact is not possible, then draw up SAHI VA NAFAZ through the court.