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22.10.2020 13:12

Анна. Довольный собственник квартиры в районе Новый Кауцер Приобрела студию в Хургаде у компании  Egypt SeaStar, в районе Новый Каусер. Оплатила покупку удаленно банковским переводом из Якутии. Это


26.02.2020 16:31

Отзыв клиентки. Покупка квартиры в Хургаде. Район Интеркотиненталь Отзыв клиентки о продаже квартиры в Хургаде. Компания Egypt Sea Star - отзывы


11.07.2018 10:31

Thanks for help to find something nice as this Studio in Diamond and waiting for next one from this company thanks for this kind service. Nader. Egypt

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Why buy flats in residential complexes in Hurghada?

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To those who are planning to buy property in Hurghada, always and inevitably dilemma. You can buy an apartment in a normal house, where from the entrance you will immediately fall into the street. And you can look at the apartment or studio in a residential area of Hurghada. Of course, many of their choice dictates the budget. But if you are more or less free in the media, experts of the company "Egypt Sea Star" definitely advise you to choose an apartment in the complex. How Come? First of all, because for us it is important that our customers are ultimately 100% satisfied with your purchase. We are always ready to offer you the best possible, and we would like to see your life in Hurghada was for you as more pleasant and comfortable. What you may encounter, buying an apartment in a normal house? As a rule in Egypt in apartment houses made of garbage bags to put out the door. Therefore, it is possible that the first thing you'll see in the morning leaving the house - the neighbor's trash. As in conventional residential building in Hurghada may not be the gatekeeper, respectively unclear - who, when and how it will be kept clean entrance to the house and the surrounding area. Just apartment in ordinary homes Hurghada usually do not have anything like a nice view from the window: most likely view is either on the scene or on the balcony of the apartment house next door (street in Hurghada, unfortunately, is much narrower than you might think) . What are the benefits you will get, deciding to buy a studio or apartment in a residential complex in Hurghada? In the first place - it is certainly clean. If you live in the complex, in your hallway, on the stairs and around your apartment will always be a perfect order - this ensures the developer who, after full delivery of the object continues to them (object) to manage: to maintain cleanliness in the complex and in the building. Safety - an important "plus" residential complexes. At the entrance to the complex is always security. Comfort - that's what buying apartments and studios in the complex. The territory of your landscaped complex better than a five star hotel. At any time, you and your children can swim in the pool. Since the majority of the complex provides its residents Services gyms. Many owners of residential complexes in Hurghada have contracts with hotels and residents of these complexes have easy access to clean and comfortable beaches within walking distance. Practice shows that the difference in price for apartments in ordinary houses and apartments in the complex is not so great. And if you buy an apartment in a newly built complex (for example, in the Al Ahia), then the purchase will cost you even less conventional apartments, as developers Hurghada always make significant discounts to those who invest their facilities under construction.