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22.10.2020 13:12

Анна. Довольный собственник квартиры в районе Новый Кауцер Приобрела студию в Хургаде у компании  Egypt SeaStar, в районе Новый Каусер. Оплатила покупку удаленно банковским переводом из Якутии. Это


26.02.2020 16:31

Отзыв клиентки. Покупка квартиры в Хургаде. Район Интеркотиненталь Отзыв клиентки о продаже квартиры в Хургаде. Компания Egypt Sea Star - отзывы


11.07.2018 10:31

Thanks for help to find something nice as this Studio in Diamond and waiting for next one from this company thanks for this kind service. Nader. Egypt

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Apartment for sale near Red Sea. In a new house. Perfect location

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ID# 1B-372
Type 1 bedroom ( living room + 1 bedroom)
Location El Aheya
Floor 2
Floors 5
Total area 50-70 m2
Rooms 2
Living room 1
Bedroom 1
Bathroom 1
Balcony 1
Repairs Yes
Furnishings No
Pool Yes
Elevator Yes
Distance to the sea 7 minutes by foot
Installment payment none
Сompletion of construction Ready
Price $17000 (NAN ₽ / INF € / NAN EGP / NAN GBP)
Apartments for sale in a beautiful stylish, new building in the area of ​​El Aheya. Next to the large Best Way supermarket. The house has five floors. Two lifts. Garden in the yard. Rooftop pool. The roof is a beautiful seating area overlooking the sea. Walk to the sea for about 7 minutes. Nearby developed infrastructure of the area. Convenient transport links. Green land contract
We offer for sale a fully renovated apartment:

Central street view:
65m2 - living room + 1 bedroom + bathroom + balcony 400,000 EGP (25,300 USD) (20,750 EURO)

Side street view:
50m2 - living room + 1 bedroom + bathroom + balcony 267,500 EGP (17,000 USD) (13,900 EURO)
70m2 - - living room + 1 bedroom + bathroom + balcony 374,000 EGP (23,800 USD) (19,420 EURO)