Apartment without a balcony in Hurghada? I have an idea!

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What to do if the apartment is in Hurghada without a balcony? For example, many of these options can occur when buying an apartment on the first floor -garund floor. Because as a rule the first floor of the building has a smaller area than the second and subsequent years. Why is this happening? Because the resolution of the footage of the land plot 350m2 apartment house say, and this is the first floor, and all subsequent floors are already more metrazhas apartments with balconies and planning. That is, the first floor has a support function. Therefore, many developers first floor is given for business or for smaller apartments without balconies. It's a clever move to increase living space. But what if your apartment is in Hurghada on the first floor? You can then find a way out and used with permission builder garden under the window, or local area garden. For example here such as in the photo